The Causeway Coastal’s route is 120 miles spanning from Belfast to Londonderry. It is said to be the most beautiful drive in Ireland filled with folkl...View Details

On today's show a beloved beverage brings out Joe’s and my inner Marketing nerds, Caitlin’s starstruck and has yet another “almost” story for us, wh...View Details

The Wild Atlantic Way stretching from Malin Head to Kinsale Harbor is the longest coastal route in the world. It spans over 8 counties, 5 Providences ...View Details

We’re back from a several-month hiatus and celebrating with a wee dram (and also apologizing for not great audio)! Caitlin learns being sick in Scotla...View Details

Scattered throughout the coastline of the island of Ireland are hundreds of smaller islands. In many ways, these undeniably beautiful spots are Irelan...View Details

On this episode of 50 reasons to Visit Britain: Beer festivals in America VS the UK. We compare and contrast, drink this country’s beer and you just m...View Details

Get your popcorn and Sno-Caps ready as we wrap up Filming Locations with New Movies this week. Beware of spoilers, heartfelt tangents and poor acting ...View Details

This week on 50 Reasons to Visit Britain Joe gets on a soapbox to express his long standing love for curry, Chips vs Crisps, Takeaway vs Takeout - wha...View Details

Joe was Far and Away in Ireland this week while Caitlin was in Boston, but that didn’t stop us from talking about Old Timey movies filmed on the Emera...View Details

On this episode of 50 reasons to Visit Britain Joe all but phone’s a friend and asks the audience for this week’s trivia answers, Joe gets graphic abo...View Details

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